November 24, 2019

Website Process: 4 Important Things You Need To Start A Website

Learning about the website process can go a long way toward ensuring that you remain involved in every step of launching a new website. Here at Rebel Ape, we are passionate about providing you with a superior website that will meet all of your needs.

Here are 4 steps of the website process to help you obtain the right website for you and your business. Thes steps take you from obtaining a domain name to website design

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Website Process: Registering The Domain Name

1. The Registrar: This is where you buy your URL.

In simple terms, a domain name registrar is a service that allows you to buy a domain name for your new website. The domain name is the text you type into the browser address bar. For example: The registrar will tell you if your specific name is available or not and allows you to purchase an address for your website.

The domain name will be the way customers find your website, so this is a vital step in ensuring that your website is built on a firm foundation.  Though you can purchase any available domain, we recommend one that will be clear and represent your company's brand.

Website Process: Website Hosting
Website Process: Choosing A Website Host

2. Website Hosting: Where your website files live.

Website hosting is closely related to the domain name process, but it is a separate function. A great way to think of this is that the domain name is the address of the website, while the hosting service is the physical location of the website, like a home that the address points to.

After a URL has been purchased, it will have to be connected to the hosting location through the domain name system. If you purchase a domain name from the same company that will host the site, this is often done for you. If not, it's a fairly easy step for those who are tech-savvy enough or are great at following online guides. Likewise, we can help you as well.

This is essentially like providing an address for a building in order to provide directions. The purpose of the domain name is primarily to indicate where you wish for the computer to go. For many of our websites, we use Siteground to host.

Website Process: Users
Website Process: Users

3. Users: Who will be going to your website after it's launched.

When a user types in a URL, they will be directed to the hosting site. At this point, the computer will download the hosting files, which will allow the website to be displayed in their browser window. This process works the same regardless of which browser you intend to use, whether it is on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox.

This cross-platform ability allows users to view a website from whichever browsing window they prefer. Keeping the website navigation understandable is very important.

Website Process: Website Design
Website Process: Website Design

4. Website Design and Development: How the website looks to people visiting the website.

Once these matters have been completed, a website will need to be designed. The website design process goes far beyond just the looks, as it must take into account the importance of functionality along with many other aspects.

From the graphic design to the content creation, every component will come together to create a cohesive, functional, and optimal website. After the design has been finished, the appropriate platform will need to be installed. The design is then moved from our design software into the specific platform.

At this point, they are coded and begin to function. Sometimes this requires a specific developer but is often moving towards the designers handling the front-end process of the website these days.

Website Process: Getting Started
Website Process: Getting

Rebel Ape's Website Process

A great, effective website can provide many benefits to your business. It can help to drive more awareness to your brand, as well as improve the likelihood of growing your customer base.

There are many factors that are consistent with superior website design, so it can be incredibly useful to obtain the services of a professional to undertake this process.

To obtain more information about the website process, contact us at Rebel Ape Marketing today!

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