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At Rebel Ape Marketing, we specialize in elevating your website's search engine rankings specifically for the Salt Lake City area. Benefit from tailored SEO plans that drive local traffic and generate meaningful results.
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Salt Lake City SEO

As the internet increases in popularity, so does the need for SEO. SEO services in Salt Lake City help to ensure that your website ranks higher in Google searches. Often, people turn to the internet to find potential products and services.
If your website doesn’t rank as high as your competitors, often customers won't visit your website. We offer SEO services to help your website rank higher in relevant searches. This and many of our other services can help improve the success of your business.
The companies ranking at the top of the search engine results pages usually have a strategy in place. SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages are where companies get listed when searched. If a company is the first position, it may have and SEO strategy. Many times, this comes in the form of a digital marketing agency helping them rank higher. There are many strategies that are often employed to create higher rankings. These strategies increase the company's online visibility.
Rebel Ape Marketing is a digital marketing agency specializing in Salt Lake City SEO. We watch your website and continue making changes to help it rank better each month.

The Importance of SEO in Salt Lake City

Effective website design is a delicate balance between beauty and functionality. If the website errs on the side of beauty, the website may suffer in functionality. The aesthetics of the website won’t matter if the website doesn’t function well.

To ensure the best customer experience, your website needs optimization. Many users use Google on their mobile devices which means a website needs to be mobile-ready. Not having a website for mobile use can lose a significant amount of traffic.

Google is a very active company that is always working on their algorithm. Because of this, the internet is in a constant state of change and a website needs to change with it. As Google changes how it ranks content and websites, the site needs to adjust to those requests. When optimizing websites to Google's standards, it will often receive more online traffic. More traffic often leads to higher revenue.

If the revenue isn't following the traffic, new marketing methods can often help. Methods such as a CTA, known as a Call-to-Action, email campaigns, PPC, and more.

Serving as a Salt Lake City SEO company, we can find many issues on a website. Issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and missing metadata on a website. This, along with the needed outreach, we can help companies with online visibility. We track this each month through the use of analytics and other SEO software. As new content gets added, changed, or deleted, we optimize the pages. Also, we target important keywords that can get ranked for easy. As the website authority increases, we target more difficult keywords.

Aspects of SEO

There are many edits needed to provide search engine optimization for your website. It is necessary to add the right keywords to drive relevant traffic to your website. You must also keep in mind that overusing the keyword can be detrimental to your rankings. This is called “keyword stuffing” and is no longer an SEO method.

It is also important to use H-tags, among many other things. SEO is always evolving. This means that it can be difficult to manage SEO services for your website. Often, it can be more effective to hire a professional to manage your SEO.

When your company’s website can’t be found, you are potentially losing traffic. This can often translate to missing out on customers.

SEO Goes Beyond Your Website

There is more to SEO than what is on the website. There are strategies that can be implemented on other websites to help rankings, too. These come in the form of PPC, known as Pay-Per-Click. There is also blogger outreach, as well as citation and broken link building. These are only a few methods in the SEO's toolbox.

By gaining access to other websites and getting them to link to your site, the authority grows. When website authority increases, the possibilities for more traffic does as well.

When running a PPC campaign on Google Ads or Facebook, you can receive instant traffic.

This is SEM or Search Engine Marketing. SEM is a great method to implement while organic traffic is increasing. SEM is a method to get traffic very fast but the traffic will stop when the ad stops. SEO is a slower process, but it grows over time. Sometimes SEO removes the need for paid traffic altogether. Unless you want that ad spot, of course!

Working Closely With An SEO Agency

It’s important to stay in touch with your SEO agency. Most agencies will send monthly performance reports. If you want to try a new marketing method, talk to the agency first to make sure the goals align. Most forms of marketing can be tracked in some form or another. When working with your SEO company, you can track website traffic for web performance. Phone tracking lets you see how many people have called your business. Email signups let you know how big your email campaign reach is. Social Media to find out how many followers you have. The list goes on and one.

How Do You Know If Your Business Needs SEO Services?

If you’ve been tracking your website performance and it's lower than you suspect it should be, you may need SEO. If you want to grow your website and become an authority in your industry, SEO may also be a good fit. Call or email an SEO agency and talk to them about your website. Often, they will have a basic audit that will show immediate red flags. From there, if you decide to higher an SEO agency, they will usually perform a more in-depth analysis.

This analysis takes a long time, it's best not to expect it for free. This analysis will reveal competitor links, keywords, and content difficulty. It will give you the whole picture of what you are up against. Websites can be deceiving. Some large websites can sometimes be easily outranked with SEO. Likewise, some smaller websites with solid SEO can be difficult to outperform. You never know until an in-depth SEO analysis has been performed.

How To Get Started

If you want to get started with your SEO, reach out to your agency of choice. Here at Rebel Ape Marketing, we are happy to help. If you would like a simple search audit, you can find it at our local search audit. You are also welcome to contact us or call us at 801-917-4310.

We will audit your website and let you know where we can help. If you have some general questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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