December 8, 2021
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XYZ Marketing Has Partnered With Rebel Ape Marketing

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As many people have been asking, why have we been showing more tags with the label of XYZ Marketing on them?

The answer is simple, we have partnered with XYZ Marketing to bring you a larger team, more services, the same quality achieved quicker. We even have new services such as video, and podcasting. 

This is a big achievement for Rebel Ape Marketing, we’ve grown so much in the last few years with the help of our clients and the relationships that have been built. It has given us this opportunity to grow stronger and quicker than ever before.

Now, you don’t only have the quality of Rebel Ape Marketing but you also have a person that you can contact at any time, for any of your concerns that you may have during the duration of your campaign.

Some of the new services that have become available with the partnership of XYZ Marketing. 


Podcasting is a great form of content creation that allows you to spread a message very quickly and in an entertaining way. With the merger of XYZ Marketing we can offer podcasting on a regular basis, which is recorded, cut, and syndicated on all major platforms of your choice.

When you decide to run your podcasting through XYZ Marketing, all you have to do is show up, record, and we do the rest. It’s as easy as that.

Marketing Videos

Videos are a great form of marketing and one of the most powerful strategies you can implement on your website and other social platforms. When it comes to videos we now offer a large variety of different videos you can use in any of your marketing campaigns.

Brand Message Videos

When it comes to getting a company to know, like, and trust you, a brand message video can be the best opportunity to achieve those goals. A brand message video allows you to get in front of your users and allow them to get to know your company at their own pace. A brand message video stands for what you do and why you do it.

We like to put brand message videos right on the homepage, allowing you to share them on social media and other outlets. And anywhere you feel like a brand message video can create an impact. 

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are a great way to get people talking about your company and getting to know what you have to offer and what the results of working with you have accomplished.

Testimonial videos allow people to talk about your company and say all the great services you have the offer, how great it is to work with you, without you having to say it yourself.

What testimonial videos you control the conversation it’s happening, by putting your best foot forward by allowing others to talk about your company.

We like to put testimonials on the homepage, and other places they can have a tremendous impact when people wanna know what it’s like to work with your company.

Service Videos

Service videos are great for letting people know what it’s like to hire you for the particular service that they are seeking. In a service video, you can cover the pain points that your customers commonly struggle with, and how you overcome those problems with your services.

As your company continues to grow, it’s likely that it’s going to gain more and more services as well. Service videos are a great way to let them know what each service is by placing one of these videos on every page. 

Advertising And Other PPC

Along with all the great services that we’ve brought to the table, one of the most powerful aspects that we now offer is pay-per-click marketing. We utilize different types of videos and advertising to increase a campaign. In addition, we check in on the campaign regularly to see how it’s performing. If it needs a little bit of work, we go ahead and update it to drive the highest ROI possible. 

If a campaign isn’t performing as expected, unlike many companies that just say that’s the type of industry this is, we do whatever it takes to try to get this campaign to perform better.

We look at a variety of reasons a campaign may not be performing as expected, and we put in place the methods that we need to make it perform better. We do this by implementing many different strategies and checking many different data sources and then adjusting the campaign as needed.

Contact Us Or XYZ Marketing Today To Get Started!

If there’s something in here that you want to give a try, feel free to reach out to us and we can talk about the marketing that you want to implement. 

As we like to say, you can’t claim marketing doesn’t work if you’ve never tried it. A lot of the strategies here are things that people have heard about but I’ve never tried themselves. It’s time to get started!

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